Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I'm in Love

It has taken a while but I can say I'm officially in love with Auggie. This is simply the cutest dog in existence and it isn't his puppy soft fur, or his adorable jowls, or even his tummy which he loves to have rubbed, it is his charming and affectionate disposition none of which is evident in this picture.

He is the biggest love bug I have ever encountered in a dog. He *loves* every person and animal we meet including cats, dogs, squirrels, doesn't matter. He literally throws himself at feet of everyone we meet, all wiggly waggly, flips onto his back for his tummy rubs.

And he is smart. Not German Shepard smart but more of an inquisitive, sensitive smart. I don't have to do all of those normal doggy training tactics to get him to behave. When he is being naughty, all I have to do is tap him on the back with one finger and say no, while shaking my head no. And that is usually sufficient. He learned to shake paws in two tries. And he knows the word cookie too. Not bad for a little guy who is only 15 weeks old.

The only unfortunate things is that he FREAKS when we take out the camera--hence the look on his face here. We attempted to get a cute shot but we both look less than our best. Oh well. I did edit out my butt cheeks :) to spare us all.