Saturday, June 4, 2016

Snow, Blood Marys, & Scrabble idea of a great snowy Sunday.

After a vigorous stint at shoveling our driveway K and I are sprawled on our sofa, in front of the TV, watching more snow fall on our recently cleared drive. Arggh! We've got a good 12-14 inches so far. In these parts, that is pretty significant.

Yesterday started with our weekly trip to the Vet. Auggie's eye checked out just fine and he has gained yet another 5lbs in one week, logging him in at 35lbs....he is destined to be XL it seems. Then we went to a specialty Bulldog show which was pretty interesting. There had to be 50 bullies there...all different markings and body sizes, all very cute. What I took away from this was that Auggie will be a large, mostly square dog, very stocky with a big head and chest. And lazy. Although there is no sign of this yet. He is still very active.

The day concluded with a trip to the grocery store (a chore I dread) along with everyone else in town to get some provisions because our pansy-ass cars are horrible in the snow. And then we went for Mexican food and Margaritas....always a fine choice. Then back to the sofa.