Friday, July 1, 2016

Just When the Ship is About to Sink!

So...there we are. The woman I work for is about to have to declare bankruptcy...and my colleague and I are all excited to collect unemployment and start our own businesses. I don't have much sympathy for Ms. Boss because of the horrendous mismangement of the finances and her ability to live SO far beyond her means it isn't even funny. So work (interior design firm) has been a total nightmare of unpaid bills and pissed off clients when she lands the BIGGEST kahuna of all times-- a young couple that just purchased a $35 million home. And it was featured in a magazine of leading world estates. I don't begrudge her her success, however this precludes my plan of sailing off into the sunset. This will save her ass and her business. I'm incredulous. And no matter what kind of Lexapro high I might be riding, I do NOT want to work on this account. She has already said we will have to go shopping in India with the clients for rugs and furnishings, etc. You know what? I just don't want to. If I decide to go to India it is because K and I have decided to go on vacation or sabbatical or something. Not to go shopping for some self-centered client, eventhough it would probably be first class all the way. I'm too old. Done too much traveling for work. Have woken up in too many hotel rooms confused as to which city I am in. Missed to many important days with family and friends. Nope, that day has come and gone for this homebody.

I guess I will have to jump this ship on my own. Where's the life jacket?