Friday, October 7, 2016

Today will be spent on the couch.

My sister thankfully dumped her crapp-ass boyfriend last week and it is my other sister's birthday so we had a little party last night, with all of us plus kids. It was a nice time, K made a fire in the fireplace we ordered a ton of pizza and I made a birthday cake. Normally K likes to whip up some fancy food but we have done this a few times and completely regretted it. It is a mamoth project-- all the time planning the menu, shopping, cooking, cleaning it all up. Blek, this is all to much work for a casual get together so opted for pizza which seemed to be fine by all.

Ahem. I must note that for our 5th date, K made me the most incredible meal of my life: lobster medallions over wilted wild mushrooms with a champagne and vanilla reduction. He was so confident in the kitchen and the meal was SO divine that I immediately jumped out of my clothes. It was all part of his devious plans, I'm sure.

But I digress, so for the cake, I found a Martha recipe called White Chocolate Sweet Potato cake. My sister loves the ingredients so how bad could it be??? Well. It was one of those 3 hour recipes which bugs the shit out of me. Each step was a major ordeal and our oven has a mind of its own so that part is always a crap shoot. I slaved over this stupid cake and in the end, know what? It tasted exactly like carot cake!!! Which I happen to love, but I would have just made a friggin' carot cake if that was what I wanted. Argggh! The real point was not the taste of the cake, although it would have been nice if it tasted like white chocolate and sweet potatotoes but to make something with care for my sister because I love her so much. So that part was a success.

And what would a day be without an Auggie update. THE POOR GUY. We played hard in the morning, then we drove up to my parents where he got lots of loving. Then he obsessively watched me slave over the cake. At this point, he looked like he was going to pass out from exhaustion. He takes a few naps a day so this was a huge stretch for him, to be awake this long. But there was no nap in store. The vet hosted a puppy play class which we were dying to take him to and was SO cute we couldn't believe it. He did great, he was assertive but not obnoxious, he paid attention to all the dogs and vet technicians. In the end he was panting so hard and so exhausted that he slurped up a huge bowl of water and proceed to go outside and throw up on the front stairs to the vets office. Nice! That's my boy!

We got home, he napped for 45 minutes and then the gang showed up so he was tail wagging and playing with my neices for another 3 hours. He seems a wreck today. Totally lethargic. Poor guy!! Lots of napping for both of us today!

Starting now. Eventhough I just got up :)

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